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Playground Equipment

         Higley sand & snow diggers are by far one of the most popular playground ride on toys in the world.From parks to neighborhoods, these itmes are not only present, but they are always in use. Most digging toys operate the same, controlled by a lift handle and a bucket handle connected to the main frame. The little  backhoe turns 360 degrees horiztally around a central axis. My little sandbox digger backhoe is ideal for building children's arm strength, and also helps with hand,eye, and motor skills. The little sand excavators we build are ideal for kids with special needs.  

                 Model 33 post mount playground digger.                                             Model 22 portable base playground digger.
                 $299.00 Plus $49.00 Shipping  US 48 States                                      $369.00 Plus $49.00 Shipping US 48 States

                Model 44 Straight Handle  Post Mount Digger                                            Model 54 Straight Handles Portable Base Digger
               $299.00 Plus $49.00 Shipping US 48 States  We Ship To Canada               $359.00 Plus $49.00 Shipping US 48 States...We ship to Canada                             
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