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       We build a wide selection of industrial  campground products. Everything is built in Minnesota.
                                           ROGERS,MN  PHONE       PH  763-479 9935  Fax 763-428-5783

We build campground products,tools,supplies,ride on playground sand diggers,stainless steel & carbon steel campfire rings,firepit liners,inserts, cooking grates,fire pit covers,Funny roasting sticks-skewers.
                                                           Every little backhoe-excavator is built one at a time.
  My shop   Higley Diggers  has been building park, playground and home diggers since the early 1970's
  Higley sand & snow diggers are by far one of the most popular playground ride on toys in the world.From parks to neighborhoods, these itmes are not only present, but they are always in use. Most digging toys operate the same, controlled by a lift handle and a bucket handle connected to the main frame. The little  backhoe turns 360 degrees horiztally around a central axis. My little sandbox digger backhoe is ideal for building children's arm strength, and also helps with hand,eye, and motor skills. The little sand excavators we build are ideal for kids with special needs.   



                           50 sizes of tubs or below ground         Custom built screens,any size 6-10 days.
                          fire pits on the shelf. (click pic)                                    (click pic)

              We have the largest selection of fire pits in the USA. We can custom build in 7 days!
               Our campfire rings-inserts-liners & Fire Pits are built from type 409 Stainless Steel.

                                                    RECYCLED WASHER DRUM FIRE PITS
 We build all the parts for the DIY guys. You supply the stainless steel washer drum or we will.
We will send you just the legs,grill screen,screen cover,or a swing away grate.
       See Our Complete Selection Of Fire Pits & Cooking Grates    Click Here  


           We Build Adult Size Tricycles    CLICK HERE               TURN ANY BIKE INTO A TRIKE USING OUR 3 WHEEL BICYCLE
                                                                                                                                   AXLE CONVERSION KIT    CLICK HERE     



                                          """THAT'S JUST WRONG""








                                                   CONTACT US AT   HigleyMetals@gmail.com

                               WE SHIP TO CANADA
Campgrounn Products offers a complete selection of outdoor steel fire rings,hexagon,square and round stainless steel fire pits.Campground Resort products and equipment We will ship to the following states.
Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado,California,Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee Virginia, Wyoming, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii ,Iowa, Main, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Kansas Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada ,New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia.

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